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CappRondo Benchtop Equipment

Wishing to optimize lab processes, Capp has developed a range of new Benchtop Equipment. See the overview below, providing your the application scope and features of each new instrument.

New Benchtop Equipment: Keep biological samples in suspension

CappRondo Tube Rotator is ideal for mixing blood, aerating cultures and all related general mixing applications. It operates fully noislessly at the fixed speed of 30 RPM. The clamps accommodate tubes in size up to 13 mm x 100 mm and are detachable. Slightly bigger tubes can be used too and a set of spare clamps can be ordered.

New Benchtop Equipment: Preffered choice by processing large volumes in Chemistry and Biology

CappRondo Platform Shaker provides efficient and throughout mixing in an orbital (Ø20mm) and linear reciprocating motion. Operational capacity is 7.5kg and multiple attachment platforms are availalbe.

New Benchtop Equipment: Table Top Centrifuge for multiple applications

CappRondo Clinical Centrifuge with 3 optional rotors: two fixed angle rotors for 8x15mL or 16x10mL tubes and a swing-out rotor with the capacity of 6x10mL tubes. Ideal for extended runs, ensuring maintenance free, long lasting and quiet operation.

New Benchtop Equipment: 3 Dimensional Shaker for a stable and user-friendly operation

CappRondo 3D Shaker providing stable, quiet and maintenance free operation and throughout homogenous mixing with an operational capacity of 5kg and tumbling 7° movement and a speed range from 10 to 120RPM.

New Benchtop Equipment: Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer for crucial applications

CappRondo Hot Plate Stirrer has a load capacity of 20 liters. The heating function enables processing the samples in a temperature ranging from ambient to 550°C.