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CappMaestro Automated Pipette

CappMaestro Automated Pipette replaces CappTronic Singlechannel

The line of CappTronic singlechannel pipettes has been discontinued and replaced by the new CappMaestro automated pipette, being the result of many years’ intensive product development.
CappMaestro automated pipette is extremely well-balanced and has a slim shaft, providing perfect reach and access to many types of lab sample storage consumables. It is available in the single channel version in 5 volume ranges, from 0.2µL to 5.000µL.

The technology of CappMaestro Automated Pipette

CappMaestro fulfills the standards of modern technology within electronic pipetting. Multiple users can login onto the pipette, recalling their specific calibration settings and protocols. The user interface of CappMaestro automated pipettes is self-explonatory and enables easy navigation through the functions. The user-friendly operation and commonly used advanced functions such as multi dispensing, dilution and mixing make CappMaestro automated pipette the perfect choice for laboratory serial work optimization.

Work optimization with CappMaestro Automated Pipette

CappMaestro automated pipette provides easy storage of your favorite protocols and enables you switching from one to the other in a matter of just 2 clicks. Its powerful lithium battery is ideal for long lasting performance. The pipette can be also used during charging.

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