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Capp presents Cryo Tubes at Analytica

After 4 successful days with over 35.000 visitors and 1.244 exhibitiors, Analytica has closed its door. We were there, presenting the innovative line of our new Expell Cryo Tubes, to be launched in July.

Expell Cryo Tubes are the first external thread cryo tubes suitable for storage in 10×10 boxes (containing 100 tubes). This allows the user to save up to 23% storage space, compared to using other brands of external thread cryo tubes, which due to the bulkiness of the lid, can only fit 9×9 boxes (81 tubes). 
On the top of that, Expell Cryo Tubes feature special lid design, providing lip seal without the use of any o-rings! With only half a turn, the tubes are perfectly leak proof.
What’s more, Capp is the first one to offer a 0.5mL cryo tube, enabling storage of 2 cryo boxes (10×10) on top of each other and thus doubling the storage capacity in your freezer.

For free samples of the Expell Cryo Tubes as well as for more information prior to the official product launch, please contact

Ordering Information:

5040500C 0,5mL10×100 pcs
5041000C1,0mL10×100 pcs
5042000C 2,0mL10×100 pcs
5044000C 4,0mL 5×100 pcs
5045000C 5,0mL 5×100 pcs