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Capp Paperbox FAQ

Q1: Are the PaperBox Tips sterile & PCR clean (DNAse / RNAse, human DNA, Reverse-Transcriptase- & PCR inhibitor free)?
Capp PaperBox carton racks for Filter Tips are pre-sterile and PCR clean. Each PaperBox is packed in a single foil to ensure sterility is maintained. 

Q2: How long will the PaperBox remain sterile?
Similarly to the polypropylene racks, it is important to always use a newly opened box to ensure there is no contamination. Therefore, older opened racks from the fume hood could be best used up for applications where sterility is not needed. 

Q3: Can the PaperBox racks be used as reloads only or could they also be reused?
Capp PaperBox carton racks for Filter Tips are a great eco-friendly alternative to standard racked tips. Moreover, after using up the filter tips supplied from the PaperBox, the carton racks can be reused for a few more cycles as an alternative to the conventional PP racks, along with the non-filtered tips from our reload systems when sterility is not necessary. 

Q4: Are the PaperBox racks autoclavable?
Since cellulose absorbs water, the Capp PaperBox is not steam autoclavable. But if you want to ensure the sterility of your half-used PaperBox, you can use the PaperBox insert plate as a reload for the autoclavable polypropylene racks. The autoclavable PP racks are also packed in user-friendly and space-saving dispenser boxes.

Q5: Can one mount the tips on a multichannel pipette from a Paperbox?
Paperbox works best in combination with single channel pipettes. For multichannel pipettes the best option is to use the Filter Tips delivered in the PaperBox as a reload for the PP box or to switch to reload-system for non filtered tips.