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Best suited temperatures for Capp Rondo equipment

CAPP offers a broad range of bench top equipment for laboratory use, ranging from centrifuges to shakers, rollers, stirrers and the recently launched Mini Incubator.

These products can be used for multiple applications and our customers often ask us what is the temperature range in which our CAPP Rondo equipment can be used. Refer to the chart below.

Click here to download the full CAPP Rondo Benchtop Catalogue and don’t miss our article: Good to know about CAPP Rondo Benchtop

Cat.No.DescriptionPermitted Temperature
CR-68XMicrocentrifuge4° to 45°C
CR-1512Minicentrifuge5° to 40°C
CRC-432XUniversal Centrifuge5° to 40°C
CRC-416XClinical Centrifuge5° to 40°C
CR-1730RRefrigerated Centrifuge5° to 35°C
CR-MI1Mini IncubatorAmbient – 15° to 60°C
CRV-45XVortexer5° to 40°C
CRV-30XCVortex Mixer0° to 50°C
CR3-08X3D Shaker4° to 50°C
CRP-3XPlatform Shaker5° to 40°C
CRS-15XMagnetic Stirrer5° to 40°C
CRS-22HHotplate Stirrer5° to 40°C
CRS-21HMagnetic Hotplate Stirrer5° to 40°C
CRR-08XBlood Mixer Roller5° to 40°C
CRR-0316Tube Rotator5° to 40°C
CRP-18XMicroplate Shaker5° to 40°C
CRP-412XMicroplate Mixer4° to 40°C