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Benefits of electronic pipetting

Looking at the typical lab environment, pipettes are without any doubt one of the basic laboratory instruments.
Enormous amount of time is being spent on pipetting, being a heavy load for the small hand and finger muscles – in particular for the thumb!

As a leader within the ergonomics of manual pipetting, Capp has recently developed a new electronic pipette, which not only takes manual pipetting a step further, but can also fit in almost every lab budget.
Let’s have a look at the major benefits of electronic pipetting!

The benefits of electronic pipetting: Technology

  •  Multiple users can login onto the pipette, recalling their individual calibration and protocol settings.
  •  Common advanced functions such as multidispensing, mixing and diluting are easily recallable.
  •  You can save and switch between your favorite protocols by just 2 clicks.
  •  The long lasting battery provides many hours of continuous work.
  •  You can also use your pipette during charging.

The benefits of electronic pipetting: Work optimization

  •  No need to study the user manual first. The self-explanatory display leads you through functions and options.
  •  Lightweight and well-balance ergonomic design helps you to relax your hand during work.
  •  Universal tips compatibly provides flexibility for any lab environment.
  •  The slim shaft enables you easy reach and access to commonly used sample handling containers. 

The benefits of electronic pipetting: Attractive pricing

Capp electronic pipettes are a price competitive alternative to manual pipetting for every lab.

Interested in discovering further benefits of electronic pipetting?

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