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Streamline your 384-well manual pipetting workflow with CAPP

It is no secret, 384-well microplates are the future of PCR as more research teams process increasingly larger sample datasets. Each 384-well plate allows up to four-times more samples per PCR run than 96-well plates, boosting the speed and efficiency of researchers. Although 384-well plates work exceptionally well with robots and other automated platforms, it is not always practical nor economic to invest in these expensive tools. At CAPP, we provide affordable 384-well manual pipetting solutions designed to bring the full benefits of 384-well plates to every life science lab.

Start out with the best 384-well pipetting solutions

CAPP’s 384-well manual pipetting workflow starts with the exceptional CAPPAero384 pipette family. These excellent pipettes are specially crafted for fast and accurate 384-well manual pipetting. The CAPPAero384 24-channel pipette is a great exemplar of the convenience that this product line affords to labs working with 384-well microplates. The CAPPAero384 24-channel pipette allows scientists to fill wells along the long edge of a 384-well plate in one go. This increases 384-well manual pipetting efficiency by 33% over 16-channel pipettes. The ergonomic design of CAPPAero384 24-channel pipettes combined with equidistant channels makes quick work of 384-well manual pipetting.

Select the best tips for 384-well manual pipetting

Not all pipette tips are optimized for 384-well microplates. CAPP ExpellPlus384™ are specially crafted to provide the ultimate 384-well pipetting experience. Made from high-grade virgin polypropylene, ExpellPlus384™ pipette tips minimize sample retention to industry-leading levels, maximizing liquid transfer to 384-well plates. These tips are quality controlled against the presence of contaminants such as DNA, RNA, DNases, RNases and other common contaminants of 384-well plate PCR setups. ExpellPlus 384™ are made for CAPPAero384 pipettes and together they provide an unparalleled 384-well manual pipetting experience.

Increase 384-well pipetting efficiency with CAPPSharp reservoirs

Now that we have 384-well manual pipetting setup ready with the best 24-channel pipette and the excellent ExpellPlus384™ pipette tips, we need one more thing to really speed up our workflow. The handy CAPPSharp reagent reservoirs speed up 384-well manual pipetting by providing ready storage for the quick retrieval of various reagents. CAPPSharp reagent reservoirs are made from a unique, high-quality polystyrene material that is optimized for handling a broad range of chemicals that may be used during 384-well pipetting. These chemically stable reagent storage devices have an angled interior that allows scientists using CAPPAero384 24-channel pipettes to quickly reload reagents as they conduct their 384-well manual pipetting. The angled interior also reduces dead volume, meaning scientists can minimize wastage of precious 384-well pipetting reagents. The conveniently located pour spouts at the corners of each CAPPSharp reagent reservoir make quick work of offloading excess reagent volume after the operator is done with their 384-well manual pipetting workflow.

Finish off with high-quality 384-well plates

We could never end a discussion on 384-well pipetting without mentioning the need to have high-quality 384-well plates. CAPP Expell 384-well plates are designed to give the best user experience of any 384-well microplate on the market. Designed for both PCR and qPCR, CAPP Expell 384-well microplates are made from a tailored blend of high-quality polypropylene with exceptional heat (and light) transfer properties for repeatable amplification accuracy. The wells of CAPP Expell 384-well microplates are evenly spaced out to match the blocks of the most popular 384-well plate thermocyclers on the market. The wells of these 384-well plates also line up perfectly well with the spacing of CAPPAero384 24-channel pipettes thus providing a well thought out 384-well manual pipetting user experience.

Try CAPP 384-well manual pipetting solutions today

It has often been said that only when you experience something, can you truly know what you have been missing out on. To make it easy for your lab to experience the convenience of a highly optimized 384-well manual pipetting workflow, you can test any of the products mentioned in this article via our global distributor network. Simply contact us! We trust that you will find no better 384-well pipetting experience, and this will be the last time that you spend precious time hunting for tools instead of doing the actual work. With CAPP 384-well manual pipetting solutions, you have a truly accurate, truly robust partner!