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20 % off on our Reloads

Our Expell Reload System is the perfect choice if you wish to save on plastic waste and storage space. It is extremely easy to use and compared to the bulk or racked system it is more cost effective. If you wish to reuse the tips or racks you can easily autoclave them. This way you will safe on plastic consumption and shipping costs by reusing your empty tip racks. 

The Expell Reload Tips are delivered in handy towers, which depending on the tip volume consist of towers with 5 or 10 insert plates containing 96 tips each. 
The system is extremely easy to use: take off the tower cover and pick up the insert plate with tips. Place it into the empty rack. The rack has been refilled with 96 tips. 
Further saving with Expell Reload System concerns the space. Thanks to the minimal footprint, the towers of the Expell Reload System take less space on the benchtop and in the storage room as possible. 
At the moment we have a great offer for all our customers who wish to reduce their plastic waste. You will get 20 % off on all our Expell Reload Tips on every order placed until 31.10.2019!
Ordering Information:
Cat. No. Description
5030035C Expell 10 µL, reload 10x10x96 pcs.
5030034C Empy rack for 10 µL reload tips, 50 pcs. 
5030055C Expell 10 µL XL, reload, 10x10x96 pcs. 
5030054C Empty rack for 10 µL XL tips, 50 pcs.
5030095C Expell 200 µL, reload, 10x10x96 pcs.
5030094C Empy rack for 200 µL, reload tips, 50 pcs.  
5130155C Expell 1000 µL (1250), reload, 10x5x96 pcs. 
5130125C Empty rack for 1000 µL (1250 µL) reload tips, 32 pcs.